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Achieve precision in Farmer Certification with FieldPro

What does the farmer certification workflow consist of?

The farmer certification workflow is designed to methodically identify farmers, ensure they meet quality standards, and subsequently certify their produce. It covers:

  1. Farmer Identification: Collecting socio-economic data, measuring field size, recording GPS location, determining the type of harvest, capturing pictures, and more. You can initiate this from zero using mobile data capture or upload an existing database.
  2. Interaction Records: Documenting all engagements with the farmer including training, audits, purchases, etc.
  3. Training Monitoring: Keeping track of educational sessions provided.
  4. Quality Audit: Conducting in-depth evaluations to check compliance with quality standards, especially in relation to inputs used.
  5. Crop Maturity Monitoring: Observing and recording the growth stages of crops.
  6. Purchase Enabling: Allowing field users to make direct purchases from farmers, with integrated mobile money features.
  7. Seasonal Data Views: Analysing data across different time frames to assess each growing season distinctly.
  8. Custom Data Collection: Deploying tailored forms for field data capture, crucial for impact assessment
  9. Communication: Leveraging SMS to update farmers on various activities, including purchases and training sessions.

Who is this workflow for?

It's tailored for field officers responsible for farmer engagement, providing them with training, and supervising their cultivation methods.

What KPIs will I obtain: Field Force Monitoring

  • User Engagement: Login stats, app activity.
  • Field Operations: Daily activity metrics, hours worked.
  • Location Tracking: GPS movements, timeline of farmer interactions.
  • Farmer Onboarding: Stats on new farmers added.
  • Visit Metrics: Frequency, duration, and coverage of visits.

Workflow Specific Metrics

  • Training: Number and type of sessions conducted.
  • Quality Checks: Results from the assessment checklists.
  • Compliance: Measurement of adherence to standards.
  • Purchase and Stock: Records of transactions and stock status.

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