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Financial Services
"FieldPro has been the ideal tool to help our field force improve their performance. It is an easy to use solution that facilitates day-to-day monitoring of the team and achieve objectives through improving performance of the team on the ground."
Pascal Simon
Amarante Consulting
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"It has made my work easier, because, at a glance, I can easily check all the activities of the company within FieldPro, I can check the attendance of the merchandisers, the stock levels of the products, their display in trade with picture, sales levels, etc. It is definitely a must have for any proper Sales Force Execution program."
Ken Odipo
Sales Director
Group SEB
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"One Acre Fund was looking for a solution to train farmers, keep records, and provide evidence of compliance for our field-based staff. FieldPro was customised and improved gradually, allowing us to meet our business goals of certification and sourcing from smallholder farmers. The team is reactive, professional and adaptable to our changing needs - which plays a big role in the success of this solution."
Barthélémy Cabouat
Market Access Senior Associate
One Acre Fund
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"Optimetriks solution has been generating real time information to decide and act quickly in our dairy business. We use them to control our products' delivery status to our clients (outlets and agents) through sales representatives, and also for customers' compliance handling as the customers comments on quality of our dairy products."
Melkam Endale
CEOZagol (Sano)
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"I am glad that Vodacom and M-Pesa decided to work with Optimetriks. The FieldPro platform allows us to plan and deploy our resources where there are needed the most and to react faster to challenges faced by our M-Pesa Agents in the market using real time information gathered by teams on the ground. The result have been fantastic."
Vodacom Mozambique
M-Pesa Distribution Director
Thabani Gonesi
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"The solution has been a real value addition to the commercial reorganisation, bring much needed efficiency gains in our processes. Their agile software solution has been critical in getting the right data points to understand our strengths on the field, manage our outlet universe and rationalise our process."
Géraldine Schildknecht
Marketing and Commercial Director
Gaselia Group
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"I am very happy to count on Optimetriks as our IT partner for our sales digitisation effort. I appreciate their reactivity in rolling out software solutions that are relevant for us, that produce the right analytical data to understand our distribution at a granular level."
Ziobeieton Yeo
General Manager
FanMilk West Africa
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"FieldPro Software has given us an opportunity to have a 360 degree view of the sales force and monitor in real-time the input they are giving. This is invaluable in terms of a remote access of what are the going in the market."
Oliver Biyogo
Commercial Manager
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"FieldPro has helped us to monitored efficiently our 80 field supervisors through a mobile app and management dashboards. Thanks to that automated daily reporting, the quality of our mobile money distribution at agent levels has greatly improved."
Richard Yego
Head of Airtel Money
Airtel Uganda
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"FieldPro delivers great dashboards that help give a clear view of field operations. In the current two projects the team has been open to suggestions and quick at implementing requested additional features and functionalities. I will not hesitate to recommend FieldPro to anyone keen to gain field insights."
Jeremiah Siage
Agent Network Management IFC
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"FieldPro is an excellent tool. It simplified and standardised our sales reporting analysis. What excites me the most is the fact that is very easy to use by all and comes with easy configurations and periodic fixtures. I implemented FieldPro in Ghana and have used it for the past two years and I can say it's a must have for any result oriented and data-driven FMCG."
Joseph Ribeiro
Head Sales Operations
Danone Ghana
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"FieldPro is an advanced Sales Force Automation Software that allows data collection, outlet digitization, and team productivity management, which are key in driving growth of business through clear visibility and performance tracking mechanisms."
Elijah Maina
National Sales Manager
Unga Group
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