A simple and flexible Agricultural Sourcing Software

Digitise the agent network management: identify agents accurately, track visits, monitor performance in real time, and ensure quality compliance.
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Key benefits


Traceability and Transparency

Accurately trace products from their origin to their final destination, providing comprehensive information about their journey. Which ensures compliance with standards and regulations.
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Efficiency and Productivity

Streamline and automate various processes such as order management, supplier evaluation, and product tracking, which can be time-consuming and prone to error if done manually

Data-Driven Decision Making

Collect and analyze data from every stage of the supply chain, to get valuable insights into performance, trends, and potential bottlenecks, allowing informed, strategic decisions
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Supplier Management

Register your suppliers with the key information to build complete profiles.
Track field agent visits, relevant metrics or farmer training. Build and access reports to track performance.
Evaluate supplier performance based on metrics, maintain certifications, and streamline communication, all from a single platform

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

FieldPro provides complete visibility into your agricultural sourcing process from field to fork
Track your products in real-time, ensure compliance with standards, and make more informed decisions about your supply chain
Define specific workflows to track harvest yields, certifications, visualize disease conditions and monitor the progress of agriculture projects.
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Dashboard mockup

Robust Traceability Features

Our platform ensures each product's journey is well documented, promoting transparency and accountability in your supply chain
From harvest to final delivery, know where your product has been, when, and under what conditions
Visualise data collected in real time on web dashboards and create reports to keep track of performance.

"FieldPro has brought a new level of transparency to our agricultural sourcing. The traceability features ensure we always know where our products are and how they're being handled"

Barthélémy Cabouat
Market Access Senior Associate
One acre fund

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agri Sourcing in the context of FieldPro?
Agri Sourcing refers to the process of tracing and tracking agricultural products throughout their value chain. FieldPro Agri Sourcing provides tools to ensure complete traceability from farm to fork.
Is FieldPro Agri Sourcing suitable for all types of agricultural commodities?
Yes, our solution is versatile and can be adapted to various commodities, from grains to fresh produce, ensuring traceability and quality standards for each.
How does FieldPro Agri Sourcing enhance value chain traceability?
FieldPro Agri Sourcing offers end-to-end tracking, ensuring transparency in sourcing, harvest data, transportation, and processing stages. This comprehensive visibility ensures product authenticity and quality.
How does FieldPro Agri Sourcing integrate with other supply chain systems?
FieldPro Agri Sourcing can seamlessly integrate with existing supply chain management systems, providing real-time data flow and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

Get Full Traceability on your Agri Value Chain