Automate field team management

Thanks to our easy to use mobile app, simplify the work of your field teams. Help them access all customer profiles, performance indicators and record their business activities.
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Prepare your field team for their assigned activities

With the FieldPro mobile app, the field user has access to all the required information to perform his field work from everywhere efficiently, making him more autonomous. He sees his entire customer portfolio, all the relationships that have happened with each customer in the past and their performance indicators with insights charts. His daily work is well structured with the schedule of visits and activities to perform.

Record easily field activities

Thanks to easy to customize workflows, the field user can record his activities directly on the mobile, which will reflect automatically on the web app and performance dashboards. Our activity builder supports all types of fields, picture, signature, etc, with a rich set of automated conditions and compute fields, removing the need for manual sync with the head office and aligning everyone in the organisation on what has been done.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Reduce their travel time

With our algorithms optimising the visits schedules, the field users spend less time in travelling between each customer location. More time is allocated for efficient and engaging customer interaction as per your business guidelines. He can visualize their territories and customer portfolio location to be guided directly toward the next visit.
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