Digitize your field operations with workflow automation

Without any coding, streamline all your field operations with our powerful and easy workflow builder, combining multiple steps.
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Activity Builder

Through the web interface of our workflow automation software, set up smart and fully configurable forms to be filled by your field teams on the mobile app. Capture any data type. Use conditions and automated calculation. Leverage our powerful meta expression engine to query any field. Share activity report automatically in pdf.

Automated Jobs

Jobs help you include automated actions in your workflows. It can be the sending of a notification (email, SMS, In app), a sending of data to an external database, the run of a python script, and any other events.
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Dashboard mockup

Chain Steps

Define in your workflow a series of step, reflecting how your field work processes should happen. Create conditions, pass information from one step to the other. Ensure perfect execution and business compliance. Follow your workflow executions statuses. Get more done with our workflow automation software.
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