Ensure Excellence in your Field Sales Activities

Empower Your Field Sales Team with Unprecedented Efficiency, Transparency, and Autonomy through Our Mobile-First Sales Force Automation Solution.
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Key benefits


Enhanced Efficiency

With FieldPro Sales, your sales representatives save time in preparing their visits and organizing their schedule, by having access to all information about customers in one place.
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Increased Transparency

With real-time tracking and detailed reporting, gain insights for informed decision-making, driving consistent growth. Monitor target achievements and ensure cost efficient operations.

Boosted Autonomy

Our mobile-first approach empowers sales teams to work anywhere, anytime, autonomously and effectively, delivering excellent results. They can spend more quality time with customers.
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A simple to use Mobile CRM

Customer Data at Your Fingertips: Access and update customer information on-the-go, right from your mobile device. Make smarter sales decisions with all relevant data available anytime, anywhere.
Real-Time Updates: With our Mobile CRM, updates on customer interactions are immediate, ensuring everyone in your team has the most recent and relevant information.
Integrated Communication: Directly call, email, or schedule appointments with customers from within the app, keeping all your communications organized and easily accessible.

 Field Sales Team Monitoring

Real-Time Tracking: Monitor your field sales team in real-time, know where they are, what they're doing, and help them stay on track with their sales goals.
Detailed Activity Reports: Get detailed reports of each sales representative's activities, helping you identify high performers and areas that require improvement.
Improved Coordination: Enhance team coordination with better scheduling, route planning, and task assignment features, leading to improved productivity.
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Sales and Merchandising Monitoring

Comprehensive Sales Analytics: Access detailed sales data and analytics, allowing for strategic planning and informed decision-making.
Performance Tracking: Monitor sales targets, conversions, and KPIs in real-time to keep your sales efforts on track and identify areas for improvement.
Forecasting Capability: Leverage past sales data and predictive analytics for more accurate sales forecasting, helping you plan better for the future.

FieldPro connects all users of your ecosytem


Follows distribution KPIs in real time, view all customers portfolio, monitor field teams.


Analyses business performance in real time, customer dynamics and structure the field workflows.

Field Worker

Work anywhere with the app, saves times on data collection, view his customer portfolio and KPIs


Gets reliable supply and timely service, benefit from loyalty program

"FieldPro is an excelent tool. It simplified and standardized our sales reporting analysis. What excites me the most is the fact that is very easy to use by all and comes with easy configurations and periodic fixtures. I implemented FieldPro in Ghana and have used it for the past two years and I can say it's a must have for any result oriented and data-driven FMCG."

Joseph Ribeiro
Head Sales Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sales Force Automation (SFA) and how is it beneficial?
Agent Network Management involves overseeing, training, and supporting a network of agents, typically in sectors like banking, insurance, or telecom, to ensure effective service delivery and operational efficiency.
How can Sales Force Automation improve my team's efficiency?
With FieldPro Sales, automate repetitive tasks, streamline visit schedules, and gain real-time insights, boosting your sales force's productivity.
How does FieldPro Sales integrate Sales Force Automation?
FieldPro Sales incorporates advanced Sales Force Automation tools, simplifying tasks like data entry, customer engagement, and performance analysis for an efficient sales cycle.
Is FieldPro Sales' Sales Force Automation mobile-compatible?
FieldPro provides features like incentive tracking, real-time feedback, and comprehensive performance analytics, motivating agents to consistently deliver their best.

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