Simplify Your Agent Network Management with FieldPro

Harness the power of digital to monitor, manage, and optimize your agent network effortlessly.
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Key benefits


Improved Operational Efficiency

Drive better visit and coverage KPIs thanks to real time performance monitoring.
Field Users

Improve the quality of your agent network

Ensure your agents are liquid on float/cash and well trained on product features.

Informed Decision Making

Get insightful data analytics and reports about agent performance to make better decisions

FieldPro connects all users of your ecosytem


Follows distribution KPIs in real time, view all customers portfolio, monitor field teams.


Analyses business performance in real time, customer dynamics and structure the field workflows.

Field Worker

Work anywhere with the app, saves times on data collection, view his customer portfolio and KPIs


Gets reliable supply and timely service, benefit from loyalty program
Dashboard mockup

Ensure the quality of the agent visit

Ensure the agent has all the required branding and customer information.
Define checklist for agent training to make sure they offer a good customer experience.
Track their liquidity levels, satisfaction and capture qualitative feedback.

Understand your agent network presence

Define the different information to collect for each retailer.
Geo map them with accurate automated GPS.
Create distributions areas and assign the retailers to them.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Monitor your field supervisors performance

Measure the productivity of your field force in terms of basic KPIs: time worked, visits, coverage, etc.
Define and measure automatically performance incentives for your sales force to reduce turnover.
Display transparently the data in the mobile app and on web dashboards.

"I am glad that Vodacom and M-Pesa decided to work with Optimetriks. The FieldPro platform allows us to plan and deploy our resources where there are needed the most and to react faster to challenges faced by our M-Pesa Agents in the market using real time information gathered by teams on the ground. The result have been fantastic."

Thabani Gonesi
M-Pesa Distribution Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agent Network Management?
Agent Network Management involves overseeing, training, and supporting a network of agents, typically in sectors like banking, insurance, or telecom, to ensure effective service delivery and operational efficiency.
How does FieldPro aid in Agent Network Management?
FieldPro streamlines agent onboarding, optimizes training modules, and provides real-time monitoring, ensuring consistent service quality and agent performance
Can FieldPro integrate with my current systems?
Yes, FieldPro offers seamless integrations with numerous systems, ensuring data consistency, enhancing agent network operations, and facilitating smooth transitions without disruption.
How does FieldPro ensure agent engagement and motivation?
FieldPro provides features like incentive tracking, real-time feedback, and comprehensive performance analytics, motivating agents to consistently deliver their best.

Improve the quality of your Agent Network