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Our Mission

Optimetriks' mission is to provide our users with a simple to use, reliable and cost effective platform to handle their field work activities, collaborate together as a team, and analyse their data. We leverage technology to empower field workers, make them save time in their daily work, and to help organisations better serve their customers, with efficient service and transparent communication. We transform the way organisations work, transitioning from manual to automated processes, for the benefits of everyone.

The company is legally based in France, with an international footprint since the onset, with office presences in Kenya, Senegal and Mexico, and clients across the world. We are a diverse team of 10 nationalities, remote friendly, trusting our employees with autonomy. We leave space for constant learning and iterative improvement by experimenting. We love technology and design as a way to make users enjoy our product in their daily working lives. The company is fully self funded, which makes us free from any external pressure, and focused on keeping our clients satisfied.
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Our Products


FieldPro App

FieldPro is a mobile and web app software platform that helps organisations manage their customer visits and field team team activities in real time

FieldPro Connect

This mobile app enables organisations to connect directly with their customers, to enable them to place orders, share feedback and view loyalty incentives gains

FieldPro Detect

We leverage image recognition and machine learning to automatically extract information from pictures captured on the field, avoiding manual data entry and improving data reliability
Our Clients

Leading organisations trust us

Over 20,000 users leverage FieldPro to manage their daily field activities

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FieldPro app brings benefits for all users of the ecosystem


Follows distribution KPIs in real time, view all customers portfolio, monitor field teams.


Analyses business performance in real time, customer dynamics and structure the field workflows.

Field Worker

Work anywhere with the app, saves times on data collection, view his customer portfolio and KPIs


Gets reliable supply and timely service, benefit from loyalty program

Implemement smarter field work today!