All customer relationships on our mobile CRM app

Manage on the go all your customer relationships from our simple to use mobile app, from identification to analytics.
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Customer Identification and Segmentation

Get your field users to collect all the required information on your customer, including GPS location, as per your needs with custom attributes and conditions based on the user roles or customer types. Keep your customer list always in sync on mobile and web. Assign customers to your field users so they view their portfolio. Capture notes to keep track of what has been discussed with your customers. Automatically score and segment your customers based on activities.

Geographical Coverage Optimisation

Visualise on a web or mobile map where your customers are located. Define Territories to structure your coverage. With geo check in, ensure the visits to customers have taken place and the quality of your data. Optimise the route followed by your field users to visit customers to reduce transport time and fuel consumption.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Improved Customer Relationships

Analyse on web and mobile dynamic reports on customer performance. Send an email or SMS notification to your customer after each visit to improve the transparency in your relationships. Automatically engage customers beyond certain KPIs level with our dynamic attributes. Share account statement.
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