FieldPro by Optimetriks: 2023 Review

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As the year begins, the FieldPro team extends our best wishes for happiness, health, and achievement in 2024! We thank you for your trust and interest in FieldPro.

"2023 was an exceptional year for FieldPro, marked by numerous innovations and improvements. As the Co-founder and CEO of Optimetriks, I end the year with immense pride for the work accomplished by our team, the technological advancements made, and the excitement for the innovative projects ahead. Let us share with you the key moments of 2023 that were crucial for FieldPro."
Paul Langlois-Meurinne, CEO of Optimetriks.

A year full of innovations for FieldPro in 2023 : new usage records!

In 2023, we are proud to have reached record levels of usage and achieved significant milestones, reflecting our growth and the impact of our solution.

With 6,000 active mobile users monthly, we have seen an increased and engaged use of our application.

This momentum is a testament to the renewed trust our users place in our technology.

Furthermore, the monthly dispatch of 1.3 million activity reports by our users not only highlights the extent of our operations but also the value our customers find in our analytical and reporting tools.

These reports play a key role in making informed decisions and the continuous improvement of processes in the field.

The expansion of our clientele to 200 companies in 45 different countries is a powerful testament to our global reach and our ability to adapt to diverse requirements and cultural contexts.

This geographical diversity enhances our understanding of different markets and allows us to offer increasingly personalized and effective solutions.

This remarkable growth in 2023 is a clear indicator of FieldPro's relevance and effectiveness in various sectors and regions.

It confirms our commitment to providing innovative solutions and supporting our clients in optimizing their field operations.

Launch of a new version of our application (V3)

This new version stands out with its flexible architecture, allowing users to create customized multi-step workflows tailored to their specific needs.

This flexibility is complemented by easy integration with third-party applications and automated components, offering an enhanced user experience and increased efficiency.

We are particularly proud of this major update, which reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, making FieldPro more versatile and adaptive than ever.

Learn more about the V3 in our article!


Creation of customized solutions by sector

This year, FieldPro has also taken a crucial step by creating sector-specific customized solutions that better meet each of your needs.

Our new offerings include:

Each is designed for easy integration and deployment! These targeted solutions illustrate our ability to precisely meet the varied needs of each sector, reinforcing our position as a leader in providing innovative, simple, and affordable field activity management solutions.

Launch of FieldPro Detect product

And to take things even further, we are also very proud to have launched FieldPro Detect, our cutting-edge tool using artificial intelligence to revolutionize merchandising surveys.

Thanks to its advanced image recognition technology, FieldPro Detect enables precise and automatic analysis of in-store merchandising: a tool particularly suited for brands looking to optimize their visibility and merchandising compliance!

FieldPro Detect thus offers an affordable, quick, and easy-to-deploy solution for all brands eager to leverage the latest AI innovations for more effective and smarter merchandising management.

Strengthening our team

In light of all these developments, we have significantly strengthened our team in key areas such as R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Data Science.

Our international team, now comprising 45 members, is spread across our offices in Paris, Dakar, Nairobi, Accra, Lagos, and Mexico.

Bolstered by these advancements and new additions to the team, we look towards 2024 with ambitious goals. This global expansion and the enhancement of internal skills lay a solid foundation for our upcoming projects, aimed at further extending our reach and innovating in the field of field activity management.

Our priorities for 2024: review of existing features

In 2024, FieldPro is committed to a thorough review of its features. This effort is aimed at simplifying and accelerating the use of our web and mobile interfaces, in order to offer an even more intuitive and faster user experience.

This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to improving the ease of use and performance of our solutions, staying true to our values of modularity, connectivity, and rapid support.

Launch of the eB2B mobile application

The launch of our eB2B mobile application represents a major step in FieldPro's innovation.

This application will enable our clients to perform a wide range of actions, particularly placing orders autonomously and efficiently. This innovation highlights our commitment to providing increasingly effective tools tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Introduction of the Planning Module

The new planning module is designed to optimize the time management of field teams.

With this tool, users will be able to efficiently plan client visits, thus providing a more intelligent and organized management of field operations.

This module is part of our ongoing objective to optimize processes and maximize operational efficiency

Strengthening of the FieldPro Agri Sourcing solution

In response to new regulations against deforestation (EUDR), FieldPro introduces a specialization in the agricultural sector: Agri Sourcing.

This initiative aims to strengthen the traceability of agricultural value chains, ensuring compliance with new environmental standards. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

International expansion

Continuing our international growth, 2024 will see FieldPro expanding further, with new projects in Vietnam and Turkey, in addition to our operations in Africa, Latin America, and France.

This expansion illustrates our ambition to become a global leader in field activity management and operations, by adapting our solutions to the diverse needs and regional contexts.

"We would like to sincerely thank you for your trust and interest in FieldPro. Your feedback and suggestions are crucial to our growth. In 2024, we commit to being even closer to you in the field, by your side at every step. Together, let's shape a year rich in success and innovation."
Paul Langlois-Meurinne, CEO, Optimetriks


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