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Our AI solutions stand out in the market due to their accuracy, insightful analysis, and exceptional power, all driven by state-of-the-art research and development. FieldPro Detect stands out further as it is affordable and easy to deploy, making it an accessible and cost-effective solution for leveraging advanced technology.
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How our image recognation algorithms help retail companies


Define Stock Keeping Unit

We select with you the range of SKUs to detect in your portfolio and competition

Set up Machine learning model

We configure the model on a pool of pictures of the SKUs

Connect any datas

We plug to an existing database of pictures or deploy our app, we configure the reports

Deploy FieldPro Detect solution

Start seeing the results of the detection in your dashboards : predictions and data analysis

Get results faster

Analyse every and each details of your shelves

FieldPro Detect AI solution accommodates the diverse data-collection capabilities of each client and the distinct characteristics of every retail environment. Our AI technology enables capturing, labelling and annotating images of every product in each and every retail environements.


98% SKU Accuracy

Thanks to our model training, configured on a pool of pictures of SKUs, FieldPro Detect offers automated Product Detection on Shelves in all environments with 98% SKU Accuracy

Model Training

From pictures to insights

Beyond being an image-recognition platform, we convert shelf data into metrics that enable performance monitoring, offer insightful strategic guidance and provide competitive intelligence.

Data Connectivity

Start your merchandising execution optimization

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data will only take 1 hour/real-time. Then, start leverage the insights and our artificial intelligence technology to enhance your operations and drive sales growth in your stores.

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FieldPro Detect's integration in 200,000 retail outlets and 2,000 field staff has revolutionized our merchandising activities. The automation ensures product and branding compliance, saving up to 50% of time previously spent on manual checks.
Jean Paul
Head of Operations
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