A new and improved FieldPro app is here (V3 Announcement)

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We are pleased to announce the launch of FieldPro V3. Better and more powerful than ever, our improved app brings you a refreshed design, new features, and the best user experience. We are always looking for ways to improve our users' experience. We took your feedback into consideration and made some changes, so that we can become your valuable partner on the field.

Lets have a look at some of the exciting features to look forward to:

Improved workflow builder

In the V3 the workflow becomes much more powerful, with the ability to bundle together activities (forms) to be filled from the mobile or web application, and and automated jobs, such as email notifications, data integration events, etc. The ability to break down this workflow into multiple steps allows to better structure the field processes as per the scenario of the customer visit, and to automate the flow of events.

The workflow can be further enriched by linking the steps with conditions, passing data from one step to the other, and assigning steps to other teams or users. Also note that now the activities can be filled from the mobile or from the web application (vs only the mobile app in the V2).

Easy access to your customer list

Our research has shown that access to the customers was the most important first step, instead of the workflows. We have therefore changed the location of the customer list on the mobile so that it appears first and you can easily proceed start a workflow for the customer selected, with an automated check in if required. From our observation with pilot users, this makes the field visit process up to 30% faster, saving a few unnecessary steps.

Template workspaces and free trial

We are introducing the workspace templates, which are database environments specifically built for the different industries we are serving, with predefined structures for the workflows, list and reports.

This contributes to a quicker deployment of the solution with a predefined base, which can be further customized along the line. With a workspace templates comes the ability to sign up for a free trial from our website and get immediate access to our software with only a few steps.

All you have to do is pick a template that suits best your industry and you get to discover and test and our product for free for 30 days. As of now, 4 templates are available, and we intend tor reach 50 by the end of the year.

Self Service Data Access

The new Self Service Data Access on the web-app gives you instant access to the data collected in the field in two ways. First through an aggregated table view where you can easily show / hide the columns, filter them and download the data in excel form.

Second through the details of an activity report showing all entries of an activity. The overall user experience has also been improved so that you can get direct access to the data without requesting support from us.

A new way to search

With the V3,  you can now find a customer not just their name but also by any of the attributes they have registered with such as location, phone number. This makes it easier to find a customer quickly and efficiently. The search on the map also helps to locate precisely the customers around you.

This is just a first glimpse into the numerous improvements that will be delivered as part of this version upgrade. We will keep you updated on the new ones comes. We cant wait for you to try this version 3, which will become available to our beta users as from October.


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