THINQ Advisory & Optimetriks: boosting Africa's digital efficiency

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We are living in an era where digital technology redefines the commercial playing field, compelling businesses to continually evolve and innovate. In this dynamic landscape, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with THINQ Advisory (ex. Bridge Consulting & Partners), a collaboration that promises to bring a new dimension to digital commercial efficiency in Africa and beyond!

The Optimetriks and THINQ Advisory synergy: a joint initiative for enhanced efficiency

The combination of expertise from THINQ Advisory and Optimetriks creates significant added value for businesses looking to optimize their commercial operations. This strategic partnership aims to structure and monitor client visits and field team activities in real-time, enabling more efficient and collaborative work. The General Management of THINQ Advisory has already expressed its confidence in the alignment of this partnership with its mission of strategic business support.

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The FieldPro solutions at the heart of this collaboration

The FieldPro solutions, developed by Optimetriks, are at the center of this collaboration. They will allow organizations to benefit from cutting-edge digital tools to facilitate the daily work of their mobile professionals. FieldPro, with its ease of use, flexibility, and automation, presents itself as the ideal tool to transform how these mobile professionals, salespeople, technicians, and delivery staff operate!

  • FieldPro Sales: optimizing commercial efficiencyFieldPro Sales is designed to help brands and consumer goods distributors optimize their commercial efficiency and track their sales and merchandising activities.
  • FieldPro Agent Network: digitalized Agent Network ManagementFieldPro Agent Network is the ideal solution for telecom operators and banks wishing to organize the management and ensure the quality of their agent network.
  • FieldPro Detect AI: automating product presence surveys with AIThanks to image recognition, FieldPro Detect AI allows brands to automate product presence and merchandising surveys.
  • FieldPro Agri Sourcing: digitized traceability in agricultural value chainsFieldPro Agri Sourcing is designed to establish and ensure complete traceability in agricultural value chains from producers.
  • FieldPro Service: technical interventions and quality controls in the fieldThe FieldPro Service solution allows any company that needs it to efficiently manage technical interventions and quality controls in the field.

Our FieldPro solutions are now used by more than 200 companies and 10,000 active users spread over more than 40 countries in Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Recognized brands such as Danone (FanMilk), Nestlé, OneAcreFund, Axian Group, MTN, Orange, Cargill, Solevo, and many local companies trust FieldPro.

"I am delighted with this strategic partnership with THINQ Advisory. At Optimetriks, we value collaborations that bring concrete and innovative solutions to the commercial challenges faced by organizations today. This partnership symbolizes our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation, by combining our solutions with the recognized expertise of THINQ Advisory. Together, we are convinced that the CRM software FieldPro and its AI solutions will allow organizations to facilitate the daily work of their mobile professionals (salespeople, supervisors, technicians, delivery staff, etc.) in the consumer goods, agriculture, and financial services sectors, but also to transcend their way of working in this digital era. We are confident that this collaboration will be beneficial not only for our two entities but especially for our clients and the markets we serve. The future is promising, and we look forward to seeing the successes we will achieve together."
Paul Langlois-Meurinne, CEO Optimetriks

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