Mobile Money Integration

Trigger mobile money payments directly from FieldPro through our integration with MFS Africa


Mobile money payments are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Africa. With the wide reach of MFS Africa, we have developed an extension that seamlessly integrates mobile money payments into workflows on FieldPro, providing businesses a simplified and efficient way to manage transactions.

How it works

This extension allows a mobile money payment to be triggered once an activity has been fulfilled by the mobile user on the FieldPro application. It will debit a main wallet to pay the selected recipients.Paying thousands of farmers for an agricultural company - Field agents spot, train, and purchase crops directly from farmers. The amount due is automatically calculated, so the farmer knows what they will receive. Once the purchase request is submitted, we check compliance with the transactional limits defined for the agent and the farmer in terms of value, time, etc. If the transaction falls within the limits, it goes through, the main wallet is debited, and the farmer receives the payment on their own electronic wallet along with an SMS detailing the purchase.

Paying the wages of casual workers - The manager initiates the payment based on the quantity picked by each worker. The earned amount is automatically calculated based on the type of product. Upon validation, each worker receives the amount directly on their electronic wallet.

About MFS Africa

MFS Africa is the leading digital payments gateway in Africa


Why choose this extension ?

  • Efficiency: With automatic calculation and payment upon completion of an activity, transactions are quick and convenient.
  • Convenience: Farmers and casual workers receive payments directly to their electronic wallets, eliminating the need for cash transactions.
  • Transparency: With each payment, a detailed SMS is sent, providing clarity on the transaction details.
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