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In an increasingly competitive retail environment, mastering the art of retail execution (REX) is essential for Consumer Goods companies aiming to maintain a compelling in-store presence. Effective REX practices not only maximize sales and profitability but also significantly enhance brand perception. This blog post offers an in-depth exploration of retail execution, its importance, and how to leverage it for optimal results using the FieldPro app.

What is retail execution (REX) and why it is important

Retail execution refers to the strategies and processes that ensure your products are available, visible, and attractive to shoppers in retail stores. These strategies include aspects like shelf placement, promotional displays, pricing, and stock availability. REX is crucial because it directly influences consumers' purchasing decisions, making the difference between your product leaving the shelf or gathering dust.

Benefits of consistent retail execution (REX) audit practices

Consistent REX audits allow companies to ensure their products are optimally positioned and priced, and that promotions are executed correctly. It also identifies any compliance issues early, allowing for prompt resolution. Moreover, consistent REX audits help maintain positive brand image and customer satisfaction, leading to improved sales and profit margins.

Why does retail execution matter to consumer goods companies?

REX is the final, critical step in the marketing and sales process for Consumer Goods companies. It's where the consumer interacts with the product and makes the buying decision. If done effectively, REX creates an ideal environment that entices consumers to choose your product over a competitor's. It's crucial for maintaining market share, brand integrity, and sustained growth.

Different types of REX audits to ensure compliance

There are several types of REX audits to ensure compliance. These include:

  • Product Availability Audit: Ensures that your product is always in stock and easily available to consumers.
  • Product Placement Audit: Checks that your products are correctly positioned on the shelves.
  • Promotion Compliance Audit: Ensures that promotional materials and offers are correctly implemented in stores.
  • Pricing Audit: Validates that your products are appropriately priced as per the company's guidelines.

What should get measured in store?

In-store measurements focus on variables that can influence customer purchasing decisions. These include product availability, shelf space allocation, promotional displays, pricing accuracy, and overall store conditions. Other factors include store staff knowledge about your products and the effectiveness of your in-store marketing initiatives.

Tips to Perfect In-store Presence with REX Audit Practices

  • Consistency is key: Perform regular audits to maintain your product presence.
  • Train your field team: Ensure they understand your brand's guidelines and know how to implement them.
  • Leverage technology: Use advanced tools like the FieldPro app to streamline the audit process.
  • Act on findings: Make necessary adjustments based on the audit results to improve your in-store presence.

Analyzing store performance to drive better results

Analysis of store performance involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. These may include sales volume, stock levels, number of out-of-stock events, and compliance levels. Insights derived from this data can inform decisions on resource allocation, staff training, and promotional activities, driving better results.

Common mistakes to avoid when conducting an REX audit

Some common mistakes include not auditing frequently enough, overlooking smaller retailers, neglecting to train staff adequately, and failing to use technology to streamline and enhance the auditing process.

How technology can help streamline the REX audit process

Modern technology like the FieldPro app can vastly improve the REX audit process. It allows for real-time data collection, instant reporting, and trend analysis. Moreover, it can guide field teams through the audit process, ensure compliance, and enable quick corrective actions.

Getting the most out of your retail execution field team

Maximize your field team's efficiency by providing them with clear objectives, adequate training, and the right tools. Regular feedback and communication are also important. The FieldPro app can be a valuable tool, offering real-time updates and guidance for the team on the field.


In conclusion, effective retail execution is critical for Consumer Goods companies to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Regular retail audits, intelligent use of technology, and efficient field teams are all integral to maintaining a strong in-store presence. With the FieldPro app, brands can simplify this process, ensuring their products stand out on the shelves, ready to be picked by consumers.


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