Transform Your Van Sales Dynamics

Unveil a new era of efficiency in van sales with FieldPro's flexible, AI-driven management solution.
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Intuitive Sales Workflow Configuration

Tailored van sales workflows to match your unique business needs.
AI-powered recommendations for product placements and promotions.
Seamless integration with other FieldPro features, boosting sales process efficiency.
Configurable product catalog and prices

User-Centric Interface for Sales Reps

Simplified User Interface ensuring quick onboarding and reduced training time.
Access to real-time stock, pricing, and customer data, even offline.
In-app notifications, guiding sales reps through daily tasks and objectives.
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Dashboard mockup

AI-Enhanced Decision Making

Leverage predictive analytics for inventory forecasting and demand planning.
Smart insights for optimizing routes, reducing fuel costs, and improving time management.
Data-driven suggestions to boost sales based on historical data and buying patterns.
Seamless integrations to ERP systems

"Since adopting FieldPro, our on-ground retail execution has transformed dramatically. The software's unique ability to create customized workflows resonates deeply with our team's daily operations, helping us integrate forms, notifications, and other crucial tasks into one seamless flow. What's impressive is its mobile-first design; our field team can now access real-time data, ensuring that we're always a step ahead. FieldPro's emphasis on image recognition and automated shelf analysis further distinguishes it. We've saved countless hours and made more informed decisions. Thank you, FieldPro, for redefining how we approach retail execution"

Ken Odipo
Sales Director
Group SEB

Manage your Van Sales Activities Digitally