Simple Order Management

Enable a seamless order process workflow, from pre sales recording to approvals and deliveries, to gain operational agility.
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Record orders easily

Empower your sales representatives with our user friendly mobile app to quickly capture orders when visiting customers on the field leveraging our customisable product list. Automate the calculation of amounts due, taking into account the different prices based on customer types and discounts.
Connect FieldPro to your existing ERP to synchronize the products, customers and orders.
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An end to end Order Management Solution

Performance monitoring

Thanks to our GPS vehicle tracking, review your delivery operations performance. Monitor delivery drivers in terms of number of deliveries and timeline compliance. Follow all your commercial performance in one place, in real time, thanks to our user friendly web and mobile dashboards.
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Hear it from our client

"I am very happy to count on Optimetriks as our IT partner for our sales digitisation effort. I appreciate their reactivity in rolling out software solutions that are relevant for us, that produce the right analytical data to understand our distribution at a granular level."

Ziobeieton Yeo
General Manager
FanMilk West Africa
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using FieldPro for Pre-Sales and Order Management?
Agent Network Management involves overseeing, training, and supporting a network of agents, typically in sectors like banking, insurance, or telecom, to ensure effective service delivery and operational efficiency.
How does FieldPro handle order tracking and management?
Absolutely. FieldPro is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current sales, inventory, and CRM systems, providing a unified platform that simplifies the management of your sales pipeline and inventory, ensuring data consistency across all channels.
Can FieldPro's Pre-Sales and Order Management system integrate with my existing sales and inventory systems?
FieldPro offers a comprehensive view of the entire order process, from initiation to completion. With real-time tracking, you can monitor order statuses, manage inventory levels, and address any issues as they arise, ensuring a smooth and efficient order management cycle.
Does FieldPro provide insights for sales forecasting and trend analysis?
Yes, FieldPro's advanced analytics leverage historical data to forecast sales and analyze trends. This helps in planning inventory, anticipating market demands, and tailoring sales strategies to meet your business objectives effectively.
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