Sell directly to your customers

Empower your direct sales force with our app to become more efficient in their customer visits, sales and merchandising activities. Leverage our AI driven optimisations in terms of territory definition, sales recommendation and routes definition to save time and sell smarter.
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Easily capture direct sales

Simplify the sales recording process for your direct sales force with our user friendly digital interface. Calculate amount due automatically with the right prices and allow discounts. Share confirmation by SMS or email. Ensure transparency on each transaction with geo check in at customer location and timestamp. Set up multiple currencies and multiple payment types (cash, cheque, mobile money, etc). Track customer balances.
Integrate FieldPro with your ERP to automatically synchronize the key elements: sales done, products, prices, customers, available warehouse stock, etc
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Monitor your direct sales activities in real time

Stock management

Track the stock moved from the warehouse to the vehicle used by the sales rep, to ensure there is no additional sales beyond the stock loaded. Update in real time the stock available. Ensure there is a reconciliation between cash in hand and stock sold for greater accountability. Anticipate customer demand in terms of stock replenishment.
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Hear it from our client

"I am very happy to count on Optimetriks as our IT partner for our sales digitisation effort. I appreciate their reactivity in rolling out software solutions that are relevant for us, that produce the right analytical data to understand our distribution at a granular level."

Ziobeieton Yeo
General Manager
FanMilk West Africa
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is van sales automation software?
Van sales automation software is a digital solution that streamlines the sales process for on-the-road sales teams. It manages inventory, sales orders, invoicing, and payments, all from a mobile platform, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual errors.
How can van sales automation software improve my daily sales operations?
This software optimizes your route planning, automates order processing, and ensures real-time inventory management. It empowers your sales team to make informed decisions, serve customers better, and close deals faster.
Is van sales automation software suitable for all sizes of businesses?
 Absolutely, van sales automation software can be tailored to fit the unique needs of any business size. It's scalable to grow with your business, ensuring that sales teams from small businesses to large enterprises can benefit from its features.
Can van sales automation software integrate with my existing systems?
Yes, most van sales automation software, including FieldPro, is designed to integrate smoothly with existing CRM and ERP systems. This integration allows for a unified approach to managing your sales operations and customer data.
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