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Frequently asked questions

 How long does it take to configure/deploy?
We can deploy a recognition model for 30 SKUs in less than 4 weeks with our in-house capabilities on labeling and model training. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective.
Do I need to provide pictures of my SKUs to train the algorithm?
Yes, providing pictures of your SKUs is essential. Our mobile application facilitates gathering photos for accurate training.
How accurate is the product detection feature of FieldPro Detect?
FieldPro Detect's product detection feature is highly accurate due to advanced AI algorithms and extensive training on diverse product databases.
Is the planogram compliance verification real-time?
Yes, FieldPro Detect instantly verifies planogram compliance in real-time upon image capture.
Can I access the KPI analysis from anywhere?
Absolutely! FieldPro Detect's cloud-based capabilities allow you to access KPI analyses from anywhere, at any time.
Can FieldPro Detect be integrated with existing retail management systems?
Yes, FieldPro Detect seamlessly integrates with various retail management systems using flexible APIs and integration options.
What type of retail environments does FieldPro Detect support?
FieldPro Detect works seamlessly in various retail environments, including supermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty outlets.
Can multiple users from a retail team access and share data within the app?
Yes, FieldPro Detect facilitates collaboration among retail teams, allowing multiple users to access and share data within the application.
Is FieldPro Detect suitable for both small and large retail chains?
Yes, FieldPro Detect caters to all types of retailers, from small boutiques to large retail chains, with its scalable and adaptable architecture.
Can FieldPro Detect be customized to meet specific retail requirements?
Yes, FieldPro Detect offers customization options to tailor AI algorithms and analytics according to unique retail needs.
Does FieldPro Detect require an internet connection for product detection and analysis?
FieldPro Detect's AI engine works offline for product detection, but an internet connection is needed for cloud-based analyses and remote access.
Is FieldPro Detect compatible with both Android and iOS devices?
FieldPro Detect is available on Android devices, with ongoing exploration for iOS compatibility in the future.
How much does it cost?
FieldPro Detect offers flexible plans starting from €2500 for 15 SKUs. The Pro Plan is €35/user/month, providing accurate product detection and analysis.
Is there a free trial available?
No free trial is offered, but comprehensive onboarding, customer support, and resources are provided to showcase the value of the solution.
 Can I change my plan later?
Yes, plans can be changed as needed. The pricing structure is designed to scale with business growth and changes.
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