Perfect Store Execution with FieldPro Detect

In retail, the concept of a 'Perfect Store' is a major key to success. With FieldPro Detect's image recognition, your shop is maintained to the highest standards, effectively managed, and optimally organized to attract and satisfy customers.
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Why is perfect in-store execution essential?

Perfect in-store execution (or merchandising statement) encompasses a set of strategic practices that ensure your products are optimally presented in-store. This includes product availability, shelf placement, brand presence and much more. Shelf surveys have a significant impact on your sales and your brand image.
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How does FieldPro Detect facilitate merchandising surveys?

Our FieldPro Detect solution uses image recognition to automate merchandising readings and ensure optimal promotion of your products on shelves

How does it work?

Benefits of Perfect Store Execution with FieldPro Detect

Store Standards

By providing visibility into all aspects of store execution, FieldPro Detect helps retailers maintain high store standards consistently.

Increased Sales

Optimal product placement and promotional compliance, as identified by FieldPro Detect, can lead to increased visibility of products and hence, increased sales.

Operational Efficiency

Automating the process of store analysis allows retail staff to focus on more strategic tasks, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

A well-organized and visually appealing store contributes to a better shopping experience, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Hear it from our client

FieldPro Detect's integration in 200,000 retail outlets and 2,000 field staff has revolutionized our merchandising activities. The automation ensures product and branding compliance, saving up to 50% of time previously spent on manual checks.

Jean Paul
Head of Operations
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