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We are pleased to announce the opening of our regional office in Dakar. It will allow us to better cover from a commercial and operational point of view all our customers located in West Africa, by being closer to their needs. Our new office is located in Keur Gorgui, the new business district of the capital where we find the headquarters of big groups such as Orange. Senegal is a West African country with a population of 17,738,795 inhabitants  (source : Agence Nationale de la Statistique et de la Démographie), , known for its political stability and its rather peaceful transitions after each election since its independence in 1960. Dakar is the capital of Senegal and is home to almost all of the country's economic activity. 

This new location represents a key step in the development of Optimetriks as it will allow us to offer a quality and proximity service to all our customers based in the French-speaking West African sub-region. It complements our presence in Europe, with our headquarters in Paris, in East Africa, with our office in Nairobi, and in Latin America, with our office in Mexico.

Why the choice of Senegal?

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Senegal is the second largest economy in ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), and has recorded good growth over the past five years, driven by a substantial increase in public and private investment (source : Banque Mondiale).  

The country is expected to maintain this momentum in the coming years, particularly with the start of oil and gas production scheduled for 2022. Senegal's ambition is to become an emerging country by 2035.

Achieving such an objective requires the implementation of deep structural reforms of the economy and the country has adopted a plan to achieve this goal called PSE (Plan Sénégal Emergent).

The PSE has already enabled the country to achieve results that have been hailed by international financial institutions, notably the World Bank.

Senegal offers many opportunities for growth in various economic activities. 

In terms of innovation, technology and startup ecosystem, Senegal has been making news in recent years. Wave Senegal, a fintech company, has become the country's first unicorn (source : les Echos). Senegal is among the top five (5) African countries whose startups have raised the most funds in 2021 (source : sika finance). The country also has a very dynamic startup ecosystem. It is the twelfth country out of fourteen to have a better african startup ecosystem in 2022 (source : StartUpBlink).

What are our expectations?

With the opening of this new office in Dakar, Optimetriks continues its expansion policy in Africa to market the FieldPro software solution, the reference for all companies seeking to digitize the management of their field operations, in the consumer goods, agriculture, financial services or energy access sectors. 

In West Africa, Optimetriks already has more than 40 customers in a dozen countries, such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Togo, Benin, Niger, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. From Dakar, it will be easier for our teams to support our current customers, but also to convince companies that have not yet taken the step of digitalization that it is a necessary step to gain in productivity, and that we are the best solution to support them in this transition. Indeed, in the West African region, distribution is still largely informal, and the need for digitalization is important.

Having a presence close to customers is an advantage for a software company, because we can more easily integrate feedback on user experience with our applications, and provide the desired features.

Moreover, we are convinced that Senegal is an adequate hub to find talents adapted to our growth, IT developers, data scientists, project managers, sales people, etc.

If you also want to improve the monitoring of your field operations, contact us. Our team will be happy to listen to your needs and offer you a demo in our new offices or remotely.


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