Latest FieldPro Product Update - March 2024

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This is Paul, CEO of Optimetriks. Happy to share the key new features released in March !

  • Visit Scheduling / Calendar
  • FieldPro Connect (Retailer App)
  • Revamped Customer Visit flow
  • Territory Loading / Satellite View / Polygon
  • Activity Report Duplication
  • Other improvements

Visits Scheduling made easy

This sophisticated calendar feature is designed to optimize the scheduling of your field team's visits. This innovative tool enables both managers and field workers to effortlessly coordinate customer visits across web and mobile platforms, ensuring timely and efficient service.

Our new feature provides detailed reports that offer insights into your field team's productivity. These reports empower managers to track performance and make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of customer engagements.

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FieldPro Connect

This is our brand new retailer app, which allows brands and distributors to create a direct relationship with their retailers, offering speed and convenience. Here are some key features retailers enjoy with the app:

  • Direct Ordering: retailers can place orders directly through the app instead of having to call or waiting for a sales rep visit. Orders can then be managed by distributors directly on a dedicated portal, following their fulfillment.
  • Product Notifications: keep your retailers informed about new and upcoming product releases, ensuring they are always up-to-date with your offerings. Notify them about seasonal orders and promotions, allowing them to plan ahead and place timely orders.
  • Self Merchandising: retailers can scan shelves and report product presence so brands can better monitor in trade execution without having to do manual retail audits and send field teams on the ground.

Improved Customer Visit Flow

We've redesigned the customer visit process in FieldPro to enhance intuitiveness and efficiency. Now, users can delve into customer details before logging activities, ensuring a thorough understanding of the client's needs and context. This preparatory step streamlines subsequent data entry and activity recording.

Additionally, FieldPro now allows starting visits independently of predefined workflows, enabling precise tracking of the time spent at each customer location. This flexibility ensures accurate time management and offers a tailored approach to each client interaction, improving overall service quality.

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Optimized Territory Loading

We are excited to announce that we have made significant enhancements to our territory loading feature, resulting in faster and more efficient data retrieval.

With these improvements, you can now load your territories quickly and effortlessly, saving you valuable time that can be better spent on your core field sales activities.

Satellite View

FieldPro now offers an enhanced mapping experience with the addition of a satellite view option alongside the default map view. This new feature allows for an improved visualization of territories and farm polygons, providing a more detailed and realistic perspective of the land you manage.

Polygons Mapping

Utilize your mobile device to walk a field's perimeter or manually draw polygons on a mobile / web map, offering an accuracy leap beyond traditional GPS points. This feature accurately captures the unique contours of each farm, enhancing your operational insights.

Link these detailed polygons to individual farmer profiles, enabling a holistic view of all associated land areas. Analyze key metrics like area and perimeter, enriching your understanding and management of every farm in your network, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your agricultural operations.

FieldPro Detect

We're excited to unveil FieldPro's AI-driven Instant Product Detection, a cutting-edge feature that transforms the way you analyze key metrics like position, price, share, competitors, and stock levels. This AI-powered tool provides a comprehensive overview, enhancing your market analysis and strategic planning.

Field users can now instantly scan shelves and receive immediate feedback on product presence, placement, and more, directly on their devices. This innovation not only boosts efficiency but also significantly enhances transparency in field operations, offering real-time insights that empower informed decision-making.

Duplicate an activity report

This enhancement simplifies the reporting process for mobile users. Now, they can duplicate the values from a previous activity report, editing it as needed, rather than beginning anew. This streamlines data entry, significantly reducing the time spent on documenting activities.

This new functionality is a game-changer for mobile users, allowing them to focus more on their field tasks and less on administrative duties. By enabling quick modifications to existing reports, we ensure that users can maintain accurate and up-to-date records with minimal effort.

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Activity Guide

We've recently launched an innovative dashboard feature that enriches the beginning of any activity, offering field workers crucial guidance and insights right at the customer's location. This intuitive tool provides pertinent information at their fingertips, enabling them to conduct thorough and informed visits.

By integrating these tailored dashboards, field workers gain immediate access to relevant customer insights, enhancing their preparedness and the quality of their interactions. This feature is designed to empower field teams, ensuring they have all the necessary data to make each customer visit as productive and insightful as possible.

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Other improvements

  • Print activity report recap (such as invoices) on Bluetooth mobile printer
  • Translation of the app in Vietnamese
  • Set up conditions to activate the lock parameter for list attributes
  • Prevent creation of duplicated items (customers, etc) by checking on all the database
  • Filter dashboard on SCOL / MCOL attribute
  • Set default value for list attribute
  • And many more !

Feel free to reach out to us to suggest any improvements and get to know more about FieldPro AI solutions for your field activities!

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