Elevate Your Retail Execution

Harness the power of mobile-first technology to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and gain real-time insights with FieldPro.
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Advanced In-Store Analytics & Reporting

Automated Shelf Analysis: Leveraging image recognition, FieldPro instantly analyzes shelf space, product placements, and out-of-stock scenarios.
Promotion Compliance Monitoring: Ensure your promotions align with agreements; FieldPro's data automation makes tracking effortless.
Intuitive Sales Trend Analysis: Dive into sales patterns with FieldPro's user-friendly interface, even on-the-go with its mobile-first design.
Real-time Dashboards: Stay updated with FieldPro's dynamic, mobile-optimized dashboards that present key indicators at your fingertips.

 Efficient Task & Activity Management

Instant Activity Tracking: With FieldPro's simple-to-use interface, track and review completed tasks, ensuring reps always stay productive.
Automated Task Assignments: FieldPro simplifies task distribution, tailored for each field rep based on store category, location, or priority.
Optimized Visit Scheduling: Plan store visits with FieldPro's intuitive mobile interface, making route planning a breeze.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Document Sharing & Storage: FieldPro offers a straightforward platform for sharing materials such as promotional guidelines or training documents.
Feedback Collection: Efficiently gather in-store feedback, which can be integrated into your workflows for real-time action.
Workflow-driven Messaging: Benefit from timely communications triggered by predefined workflows, keeping reps and managers synchronized.
Seamless System Integration: Easily integrate FieldPro with other platforms like CRMs or ERPs, maximizing workflow efficiencies across retail operations.

"Since adopting FieldPro, our on-ground retail execution has transformed dramatically. The software's unique ability to create customized workflows resonates deeply with our team's daily operations, helping us integrate forms, notifications, and other crucial tasks into one seamless flow. What's impressive is its mobile-first design; our field team can now access real-time data, ensuring that we're always a step ahead. FieldPro's emphasis on image recognition and automated shelf analysis further distinguishes it. We've saved countless hours and made more informed decisions. Thank you, FieldPro, for redefining how we approach retail execution"

Ken Odipo
Sales Director
Group SEB

Ensure perfect merchandising compliance