Groupe SEB: full visibility on Kenya modern trade merchandisers

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Who is Group Seb?

Groupe SEB is the leading player in small domestic appliances with up to 30 well-recognised brands, such as Moulinex and Tefal, and a global operations footprint in nearly 150 countries. They have offices in 60 countries with over 33,000 employees. Amongst those 60 countries is Kenya, which is their operations and distribution hub for East Africa.

The Challenge of Group Seb

Groupe SEB’s producsts are perceived as quality and priced with a premium considering other offering in the market. The sales strategy has therefore been to recognize the need to put in place a team of Brand Ambassadors, contracted by a third party agency, to engage directly with the customers when they purchase products. 25 promoters have been posted within Retail Outlets, typically in the Modern Trade stores such as Naivas, Carrefour, Tuskys, etc. The Brand Ambassadors are also in charge of conducting regular Stock Audits in the outlets. The Sales Team is led by Ken Odipo who is the Brand Ambassador’s Supervisor and Data Analyst.

Before the adoption of FieldPro Sales digital solution, the Brand Ambassador’s would record Sales, Retail, and Stock Audits on papers of which they would send to Ken for collation and analysis typically through WhatsApp. Challenges experienced with this way of working included:

  • Compiling accurate data is time consuming and error prone
  • Poor data quality (such as location and time of audit)
  • No digital records of individual audits
  • Extracting meaninful reports for the management on market dynamics, etc.

On the side of the central team based in France, the pain points were:

  • Need to have fresh data on the sales to report. The sell in figures charged to the distributors can indeed be several months old compared to the sell out data in stores considering the time to export the products
  • Need to know the individual performance of each merchandiser to ensure the incentives are rightly disbursed
  • Need to know sales and stocks KPIs to measure numerical distribution, push the distributor for stock levels, etc.
Ken Odipo, Groupe Seb Kenya Data Analyst


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FieldPro Sales Solution

After a pilot phase, Groupe SEB were convinced to adopt our Android mobile application, FieldPro Sales, as a reporting tool for the promoters. Three workflows have been designed which digitise their routine activities:

  • Logging in the arrival and departure time at the outlet through a GPS check in feature
  • Capturing every individual sales done with a customer. This is done by navigating through the matrix which categorizes the products.

  • Conducting weekly comprehensive stock audits to identify potential gaps at the outlets, leading to sales loss

The data entered by the promoters is automatically aggregated and displayed on live reporting dashboards, which enable both Groupe SEB and local management to extract valuable insights from the field activities.

The Sales performance can be tracked on a daily basis per each individual promoter, even if they are based outside of Nairobi.

A Brand Ambassador, Josephine


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The Impact for Group Seb

The impact felt on the ground is that thanks to FieldPro Sales, the Brand Ambassadors now have even greater discipline, they always arrive at their outlets in good time and leave only after their shift is complete.

“It has made my work easier, because, at a glance, I can easily check all the activities of the company within FieldPro Sales, I can check who has reported, who has not reported, I can see sales for a particular period, and I can do follow-ups.”
Ken Odipo, Kenya Sales Manager


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