Maïa Africa's success with FieldPro: revolutionizing FMCG distribution in West Africa

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Overview of Maia Africa

Initiated in 2013, the project originally named "Faso Soap" was focused on the development of a long-lasting mosquito repellent soap. However, a revelation occurred when the project's founders discovered that 80% of children under 5 years were applied with ointment every evening.

Thus, they pivoted towards producing a mosquito repellent ointment, which would have a greater impact on malaria than the soap.

The ointment, used daily like soap, provides better protection and is affordable for everyone. The challenge was to create an ointment that appeals to consumers while repelling mosquitoes. After a hundred tests, they produced an ointment called MAÏA.

Maia's distribution needs

Maïa's ointment distribution is managed by sales representatives operating in urban areas but especially in rural ones too. The product's sales points can sometimes be challenging to locate. In their daily tasks, the sales force must regularly visit to check stock levels and make sales. Locating certain sales points was time-consuming. Data collected in the field (stock levels, direct sales, orders, etc.) was also hard to relay back to managers. Facilitating the tasks of the sales force and obtaining a quick overview of field activities was a challenge Maïa wanted to address with a digital solution like FieldPro.

How FieldPro assisted Maïa Africa in streamlining its distribution

FieldPro provided Maïa Africa with a sales team management solution that drastically changed their distribution approach. Here's how the application benefitted Maïa:

  • Sales Point Localization: Using FieldPro's integrated geolocation technology, Maïa's sales teams can pinpoint exact sales points, even in remote regions, saving time and enhancing their visits.
  • Inventory Management: Stock checking became quicker and simpler with FieldPro. Sales reps now view and update stock levels directly in the app, allowing Maïa to monitor product availability and avoid stockouts.
  • Real-Time Information: Data collected in the field is instantaneously synchronized and accessible to managers. Everything from direct sales, orders, stock levels, to customer feedback is recorded and accessible in real-time, offering managers a comprehensive view of field operations and aiding informed decision-making.
  • Sales Team Productivity: By simplifying daily tasks, FieldPro allowed Maïa's sales teams to focus more on selling and client interaction. Order placement also became more straightforward, with reps placing orders directly at sales points.

FieldPro provided Maïa Africa with an all-inclusive solution, making the job of the sales representatives easier, enhancing the visibility of field activities for managers, and helping the company refine its distribution and boost its sales.

‘’With FieldPro, we have a real-time, comprehensive view of activities across our network. We can monitor sales figures, sales rep performance, and the overall situation at sales points. With this tool, we can confidently extend the distribution of our mosquito repellent ointment to areas most affected by malaria. ‘’
Gérard Niyondiko, Founder, Head of R&D

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