Enthusiasm and engagement : meet Peter our Ghana Project Manager

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My name is Peter Worentetu  and I am the Project Manager for Ghana. I have worked for 1 year with Optimetriks handling the following clients Nestle Ghana, Fan Milk Ghana, Arla Foods, CFAO, and many others

What makes working at Optimetriks special ?

FieldPro visit at Jibu Ghana

Today I feel honored to participate in the realization of the vision and mission of Optimetriks. The company is a true change agent on the African continent. It enables the collection of data in the field in a simple and efficient way and provides data automation for many organizations across the continent.

The FieldPro application gives the opportunity to all the companies that use it to evolve and I am grateful to be part of this revolution. The team is great and even though we work remotely I really enjoy the collaboration.

What is a typical day like at Optimetriks ?

Peter Project Manager Optimetriks

For me the day starts at 6:00 am, after my breakfast I get to work with a review of the different customer environments and the tasks that go with them. Along with that I keep myself in contact with all of our client contacts whether by phone or email to touch base on their requests and feedback.

Most of the time it is about guiding the customer through the navigation of our solutions and in the same process learning how we can better enhance the features of their unique environments and make the use of FieldPro even more seamless.

My achievement of this ensures customer satisfaction and guarantees us continued partnership. We have as well selected days for weekly alignment  calls with the entire project management team to see how each team is doing and ways we can either assist in the resolution of issues and propose ways to make us more efficient.

I give myself a 1 hour break between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm before continuing my duties and on the average would round up my work day by 6:00 pm. That said I remain available to my client contacts as well as the wider client universe to assist with the resolution of whatever issues they might be facing.

To sum up what the typical day is like at Optimetriks, I would say it is ensuring I am doing better than I did the previous day and that speaks to the level of dedication and excellence Optimetriks expects from us all and as well stands for.

What’s your best memory of working at Optimetriks ?

My best memory with Optimetriks has been my experience with the client CFAO Ghana in its journey from a prospect through the Pilot phase and to the Live phase. I had the opportunity to manage the project from the Pilot phase and we encountered various difficulties along the way. With the gradual resolution of these issues and the strengthening of the relationship, we transcended to the Live phase.

Nothing defined this as more of a milestone than when CFAO Ghana affirmed their need for FieldPro and all the benefits it had till then offered and they believed it would continue to offer as a beneficial aid in the framing of their growth and strategization policies in the coming period. In line with this they made a significant financial commitment to the upgrade of their existing environment in preparation for a roll-out for all their sales teams across Ghana. 

This experience has been memorable for me for the offer of the learnings I derived as well as the comprehension of who we are as Optimetriks and what we seek to achieve not just for ourselves but for the world as a whole. I have since been most honoured to be a part of this.

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