The life of an Operations Director at Optimetriks in Nairobi

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My name is Vincent Koech, I’m Kenyan and I have been working with Optimetriks as Operations Director since 2017. Some of my key roles include but are not limited to:

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure operational functions achieve their business objectives.
  • Maintain working relationships with all other directors to ensure effective coordination of all company activities supporting corporate objectives.
  • Contribute to corporate strategy to ensure the company achieves its short and long-term objectives.
  • Onboard new accounts, implement solutions, ensure consistent execution as per commercial terms and defined guidelines
  • Assist in new product introduction and release activities
  • Monitor the execution of running projects through interaction with stakeholders
  • Ensure good user experience and adoption of the solution

I collaborate with a great team in the realization of my missions.

How did you hear about the job and what made you apply ?

I heard of Optimetriks way back in 2017 from a Dancun Ombima; friend who I was working with in my previous company based in Westlands. He had secured a role as a data monitoring officer. His description of the new company (Optimetriks) was dumfounding as it used technology for Quality Assurance something we weren’t used to seeing.In my previous company, QA meant accompanying an interviewer to the field and doing physical/call backchecks which was very costly, this new company used technology such as  Geofencing, consistency checks, and picture monitoring tools among others to ensure data quality.The use of Tech in their operational activities attracted me and I looked forward to working with them. So I applied when I saw an opportunity at Optimetriks and I joined the adventure.

What makes working at Optimetriks special?

The team, Optimetriks has managed to attract the best team, very dedicated and agile. Also, the company culture and its international presence. Through Optimetriks I have managed to travel outside the country on different occasions, and meet and interact with people from different classes, cultures, and occupations.

Optimetriks also value their employees and allow them to grow with the company, for instance, I joined way back in 2017 as a Data monitoring agent, then moved to App/product tester, Quality assurance lead, Project manager, Operations manager and finally Operations Director (current role).It’s been an amazing journey, I have learnt almost everything on the Job, Optimetriks feature everywhere on my career profile and experience.

What is a typical day like at Optimetriks ?

I am not an early person, I wake up at 6 am and then join a 45mins online training before taking breakfast with the family at 730am (I live with my son and wife)I cycle to the office which is 20mins away from home, arriving a few minutes before 9 am. If it’s a Monday I will have a quick update with the CCO (Marc) on the previous week's activities and new developments to be scoped for the week ahead, if it’s a Thursday I will have a call with my immediate supervisor the COO (Loic) discussing Customer success tasks, structurations, missions, and OKRs in some occasions.

I closely monitor our support center as it's our communication tool with the clients/users and any challenge/issue is sent as a ticket. I break for lunch at 1 pm, we serve lunch at the office and it’s always a good time to interact with the rest of the team/departments in the Nairobi office. 

I leave the office at 630pm and arrive home before 7 pm to help my kid with homework (Not a great experience with the CB Curriculum), sleep late at 1030pm.

What’s your best memory of working at Optimetriks ?

My best memory will be the team building we went to Naivasha around Great Rift Valley Lodge. Some of the team from Paris had visited and we had the two co-founders accompany us. We had a good time as we played indoor games such as UNO and hiked the breath taking rift valley.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time ?

I am a cyclist, I do cycle a lot during my free time, this includes weekends. I love traveling and with the bike I can see, enjoy and experience way more than on a car. I have been cycling for more than 5 years now, it started with cycling for less than 5 kilometers a day to work then it grow into a hobby where I joined other cyclist in Nairobi i.e Critical Mass for end of moth cycling blended with cyclist advocacy.


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