Territory Management Mastery with FieldPro

Strategically define, visualize, and optimize territories for more efficient field operations and better team deployment.
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Intuitive Territory Design & Customization

Directly draw or import territory boundaries for enhanced territory management
Dynamically adjust and redefine territories to adapt to business needs.
Bulk import options streamline **territory setup** and customization.
Attribute-based categorization gives in-depth insights into each territory.

Comprehensive Territory Visualization & Smart Allocation

Visualize territories in relation to customer locations for data-driven territory allocation.
Easily assign territories to teams or individual users.
Mobile boundary viewing provides field reps with clear territorial insights.
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Dashboard mockup

Geo-Fencing & Compliance for Territory Integrity

Ensure field reps operate within their assigned territories, enhancing territory management
Set realistic sales goals aligned with territory potentials.
Proactive territory adjustments empower teams to anticipate market shifts.
Integration to Google Maps and MapBox APIs

"Since adopting FieldPro, our on-ground retail execution has transformed dramatically. The software's unique ability to create customized workflows resonates deeply with our team's daily operations, helping us integrate forms, notifications, and other crucial tasks into one seamless flow. What's impressive is its mobile-first design; our field team can now access real-time data, ensuring that we're always a step ahead. FieldPro's emphasis on image recognition and automated shelf analysis further distinguishes it. We've saved countless hours and made more informed decisions. Thank you, FieldPro, for redefining how we approach retail execution"

Ken Odipo
Sales Director
Group SEB

Optimise your Territories Coverage