Mastering Modern Distribution

Streamline, optimize, and elevate every aspect of your distribution process with FieldPro's state-of-the-art Distribution Management System.
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Configurable Workflow Design

Design workflows that align perfectly with your unique distribution models.
Ensure seamless integration of order management and inventory control.
Flexibly adapt processes to stay responsive to evolving business requirements.
Configurable product catalog and prices

Intuitive User Dashboard

User-friendly interface simplifies tasks like inventory checks and order dispatching.
Access real-time updates on inventory levels, order statuses, and deliveries.
Dashboard designed for mobile, enabling field agents to manage tasks efficiently on the go.
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Dashboard mockup

AI-Powered Distribution Analytics

Utilize AI for insights into inventory needs, minimizing stockouts and overstock scenarios.
Analyze distribution metrics to identify and rectify efficiency gaps.
Receive proactive, data-driven recommendations to address distribution challenges and optimize delivery.
Seamless integrations to ERP systems

"Since adopting FieldPro, our on-ground retail execution has transformed dramatically. The software's unique ability to create customized workflows resonates deeply with our team's daily operations, helping us integrate forms, notifications, and other crucial tasks into one seamless flow. What's impressive is its mobile-first design; our field team can now access real-time data, ensuring that we're always a step ahead. FieldPro's emphasis on image recognition and automated shelf analysis further distinguishes it. We've saved countless hours and made more informed decisions. Thank you, FieldPro, for redefining how we approach retail execution"

Ken Odipo
Sales Director
Group SEB

Manage your Distribution Digitally