Axian Group revolutionizes telecom with FieldPro Agent Network in Senegal

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Introduction: Axian Group—bridging telecom gaps in Africa and the Indian Ocean

Axian is a pioneering telecom corporation that has forged strategic partnerships with major telecom companies across Africa and the Indian Ocean territory. They aim to provide convenient, secure, and affordable telecom and digital services.

The need for change

With telecom companies like Telma Comoros, Free Senegal, and Togocom under their umbrella, Axian Group was on the lookout for a sophisticated solution to improve agent tracking and reporting.

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The challenge: objectives Axian Group wanted to achieve

Before diving into the intricate solutions FieldPro Agent Network provided, it's essential to first understand the challenges that Axian Group aimed to address.

Managing an extensive network of telecom agents across different regions is a complex task.

From monitoring sales representatives' field activities to keeping tabs on network coverage and diversifying product offerings, Axian had a multi-dimensional array of objectives. Each of these goals aimed to solidify their market presence and ensure quality service delivery.

  • Automating and tracking field activities: Axian Group sought to automate the tasks of their sales representatives and supervisors in the field and to obtain essential reports on these activities.
  • Strengthening network coverage: Another key objective was to expand and solidify their existing network coverage through frequent visits to current agents and the recruitment of new ones.
  • Diverse product selling: Axian aimed to transition their agents from solely selling airtime to offering a variety of telecom products, including mobile money.

The company also aimed to increase awareness of their offerings, gauge their market share against competitors, and monitor branding, cash transactions, and e-float management.

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FieldPro Agent Network: the solution

Addressing the complexities and challenges faced by Axian Group required a sophisticated, all-in-one solution.

That's where FieldPro Agent Network came in, offering a highly customizable platform built to handle everything from field activities to intricate reporting. This section delves into the various workflows and features implemented by FieldPro to meet and exceed Axian Group's set objectives, effectively revolutionizing the way they manage their telecom operations.

Workflow for sales representatives

FieldPro's 'Agent Visit - Sales Reps' workflow allows for the documentation of all sales activities during agent visits, covering data on weekly sales, market share, and brand visibility among others.

  • This workflow is used to record details of all activities done by sales representatives for each agent they visit.
  • Main data being collected from activities on Weekly sales of Telecom products :
  • Market share,
  • Brand visibility and condition of branding material,
  • Competition presence and products,
  • Agent awareness on Telecom offers
  • Agent float status.

Workflow for supervisors

FieldPro's 'Agent Visit - Supervisors' worflow provides a platform for supervisors to document and cross-verify data collected by sales reps during their field visits.

  • The workflow is used by supervisors in to record details of their visits and to help re-verify details collected by the sales reps.

Workflow for area/zone managers

FieldPro also offers 'Agent Visit - Area/Zone Managers,' a workflow that allows managers to document their own visits and double-check data collected by both sales reps and supervisors.

  • The workflow is used by Managers to record details of their visits and to help re-verify details collected by the sales reps and supervisors.

Reporting with FieldPro Agent Network

Accurate, real-time insights empower companies to make informed decisions that drive growth and efficiency. FieldPro Agent Network addresses this need head-on by offering robust reporting features tailored to Axian Group's requirements.

FieldPro's powerful analytics and reporting capabilities have become an invaluable resource for Axian, facilitating a deeper understanding of agent activities, market dynamics, and financial transactions.

Agent monitoring reporting

FieldPro offers a robust tracking system that reveals the number of agents created, modified, visited, and the overall coverage percentage.

Key insights included in this reporting:

  • Number of agents created, modified or visited,
  • Coverage percentage.

Field activity analysis reporting

The solution provides a detailed report on average sales, market share, and brand visibility based on the field visits.

Key insights included in this reporting:

  • Average sales of Telecom products,
  • Market share,
  • Brand visibility.

Float data and BI integration reporting

With FieldPro's BI Mobile integration, users can view real-time agent transactions on their mobile app, ensuring they are always informed of their agent’s status.

The partnership between Axian Group and FieldPro Agent Network exemplifies the transformative power of leveraging the right technology to meet business objectives. By addressing key challenges such as agent tracking, network coverage, and diversified product offerings, FieldPro's custom workflows and robust reporting features have had a profound impact on Axian's operations.

In an industry where the landscape is constantly evolving, the ability to adapt and optimize is paramount. FieldPro Agent Network has not only met the needs of Axian Group but has set a precedent for what is achievable in telecom operations across Africa and the Indian Ocean region.

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