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Get to know our Android Developer, Yann Simajchel, in the next interview.

Who are you and what do you do at Optimetriks?

My name is Yann and I am from France. I am a software engineer student at INTECH currently working at Optimetriks as part of the tech team in Paris.

I started as an intern in the company back in August 2020 and in February this year, I was offered to follow my apprenticeship here while completing my master’s degree.

My role in Optimetriks is as an Android developer for our FieldPro mobile application.

I participate in various projects such as the development of new features, bug fixes, the realization of proof of concept (prototyping), among others.

We work with an Agile methodology, we understand the clients’ needs and develop a clean mobile architecture with the best practices.

How did you hear about the job and what made you apply?

Last year around May, while I was looking for an internship, I got invited to a private group for Android Developers in Slack by my professor. I decided to share in the group that I was looking for an opportunity in a tech company. Afterward, I got contacted by  a developer named Malik Bouras (my current boss), who told me that he saw my post in Slack and wanted to have a chat with me about a possible opportunity in Optimetriks.

Initially, they were looking for a VIE, but after we had a discussion, they told me that doing an internship in the Paris office could be feasible too. After that talk and research about the company, I found the whole project interesting and decided to apply. As part of the recruitment process, I had interviews with Malik Bouras and Paul Langlois-Meurinne (CEO) in which they asked me about my interests, what I wanted to learn and they explained to me more about Optimetriks and their objectives. I believe there was a good fit. They offered me the internship opportunity and I accepted because it was aligned with what I was looking for and technically was new and interesting topics. I was sure that I could learn a lot.

What makes working at Optimetriks special?

I enjoy working here because of the freedom I have in fulfilling my tasks. I have numerous opportunities to share my opinion as an employee of the company with the team and my boss. I believe that having a say in how things can get done and explain my ideas about the development of a feature for example, positively affects my daily work and also the product development.

Even though some members work remotely from other cities in France or Africa, the team is close and it is more than just work. Lastly, I appreciate the transparency that the company has in sharing different types of topics with all of us. For example, we have a weekly call meeting with all the Optimetriks team in which we share different updates from each area and share ideas too that can help the company improve.

What impact does Optimetriks culture have on your work?

As part of the tech team, the company’s culture has a good impact because we are in constant learning and communication with each other, for example, about the latest technologies or other types of developments. We keep ourselves updated and it allows us as developers to produce better code overall. We have the time to make good quality code that respects the best practices as well as the latest trends. 

At Optimetriks in general, I think that the flexibility we have contributes to achieving a good work-life balance. We work for objectives and not for hours completed, so it motivates you to achieve the goals and also have time to do other things like hobbies or social activities. Also, there is flexibility when it comes to emergencies and breaks for example.

What’s your best memory of working at Optimetriks?

At Optimetriks, people care about building close work relationships with each other. The company is very horizontal and the communication is fluid between people from different levels from the interns to the CEO.

One good memory that I have and really enjoyed is last years’ Christmas gathering with the Paris Office. We had a meal together where each one of us offered a small gift to someone chosen randomly. We exchanged good conversation and surprise gifts. We had a good time.

Enough about work, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

During my free time, I enjoy playing video games with my friends as well as reading and gardening. I have been playing video games since I was little because I am attracted to the concept of the game and the strategy the player needs to follow to win. About gardening, this is not new. I also used to grow strawberries in my garden back home when I was a kid. Now here in Paris, I got my first plant five years ago and now I have 8 of them. I like them because it gives you a breath of fresh air and since I enjoy nature, it kind of keeps me connected with it.

Lately, I have been discovering new technologies that motivate me to create small applications with them. For example, a few months ago I built a thermometer for my plants with ARDUINO, which is a modern board that you can plug different types of modules into and add other pieces, it’s like the Lego for developers.


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